How to Order Online

* Go to Client Viewing Area on our website
enter password provided by school

* View photos and add chosen ones to cart

* Click on Cart top of page

* Enter the size an quantity of chosen photos

* Check order and then press 'checkout'

* If this is your first time ordering, you will be asked for some details including your address regardless of your postage choice

* You will then have an account set up and will be remembered on future visits to our site

* Enter your shipping choice (Pick up from school or club/ pick up from our studio/ post to your address)

* Choose your payment option (CC or Paypal)

* Confirmation of order. NB: this might say 'will be shipped to the following address' even if you choose 'pickup'. Don't worry; it is a glitch and we know where to deliver it to!!

* You will receive a number of emails: confirmation of account set up (one-off), confirmation of order, and a receipt.

*We will let you know when we are delivering your beautiful photos

  • ViewingArea
  • Gallery
  • shoppingCart
  • EnterQuantity
  • quantity
  • personalDetails
  • postageOptions
  • PaymentOption
  • orderConformation
  • AccountSetup
  • OrderReference

If you have any issues during the ordering process, don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you!