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Parents want beautiful photos of their child's big occasions, especially when they have performed so well in a production or concert! Let parents relax and put away their iPhones or, worst still, their iPads, knowing stunning photos will be available to purchase at a very reasonable rate!

  • We offer a commission of all sales to your school
  • Photos are uploaded to a passworded viewing gallery attached to our website
  • The ordering process is simple
  • Parents/ family can pay via credit card or paypal
  • Our photos are printed on high quality lustre paper
  • Our products are very reasonably priced
  • We provide you with a letter to hand out/ email to parents and students about our service
  • Your event will have a unique password, to ensure the privacy/ safety of your students
  • You do not need to handle orders or any payments
  • We provide your school with 8 beautiful A4 photos (free of charge) of your dress rehearsal, to place in your foyer before opening night of a production
  • We offer free delivery (to the school by a set date) so parents aren't faced with additional postage fees
  • Your commission can be paid to the school either directly, or used as credit against your next event, or it can even go towards a stunning coffee table book of your special event!

Call to discuss you next big concert, production, play or soiree! We love the performing arts and know just how hard you have worked giving students the opportunity of a lifetime! Let's capture that stunning performance forever!