online-ordering-optionRed Book Photography is your perfect option for all school events! We specialise in musicals, concerts, productions and plays, but don't forget we are available to capture other events such as masses, awards nights, sporting carnivals, soirees, graduations, etc!

Prices start from just $400 for a two hour event. We offer a discount for multiple bookings placed at the one time!

An online ordering service is available to attendees of an event, with a percentage of the sales offered to the school as commission or as discount off another event or product! Click here to learn more about this service.

We can also make stunning photobooks of your special event!

Owner, Vanessa Macaulay, is a current VIT registered teacher with a fine understanding of the performing arts.

We use unimposing photography gear, so your event is captured without fuss or distraction!

During particular 'seasons', dates fill very fast! Please contact us for further information or to secure your dates for 2020!

Please click here for a guide on our 2020 rates.

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  • RBP2015_05_27FAME-136
  • LM-55
  • RBP2015_07_22HburyAria-39
  • CR-9
  • RBP2016_04_26YVGSenPlay-231
  • RBP2015_12_04SionNoE-84
  • RBP2015_08_19BoBState-552
  • RBP2016_05_24Gala-163
  • RBP2016_08_03StAlAnnie-421
  • RBP2016_07_27SacreCoeurConcert-482
  • LM-51
  • RBP2016_06HaileyburyConcert-241
  • RBP2015_07_28StAlWoO-157
  • RBP2014SienaConcert-297
  • RBP2016_04_26YVGSenPlay-359
  • RBP2015_05_11YVGSeussical-271
  • RBP2015_05_14StBernConcert1-202
  • RBP2016_04_27Whtfrs39Steps-287
  • RBP2015_12_02ParadeCarols-21
  • RBP2015_07_28StAlWoO-226
  • RBP2014stberns4-2
  • RBP2016_05_01ParadeHowToSucceed-223
  • RBP2015_12_04SionNoE-272
  • RBP2015_05_11YVGSeussical-201
  • RBP2016_04_27Whtfrs39Steps-177

Please contact us for further information or to secure your dates for 2020!


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